Wild Horses

Desert neutrals from www.katenelle.comWild horses in Prescott Valley, Arizona in the wide open spacesIMG_2242Desert neutrals from www.katenelle.comHat style on www.katenelle.comIMG_2457.jpgDesert neutrals from www.katenelle.comDesert neutrals and hat style from www.katenelle.comDesert neutrals from www.katenelle.comHorse stand-off on www.katenelle.comDesert neutrals from www.katenelle.comDress: Joie (old) | Bandana: Madewell | Jean Jacket: Madewell

They say you can lead a horse to water, but did you know…a horse can lead a girl to beauty? It was late afternoon when I found myself in a golden field, bathed by warm sunlight. My heart awoke to what I saw before me. It drifted through the fields as light as a feather, carried like a sweet melody. Every step I took was not directed by my own, but by the trail of wild horses. In a standoff we stood, staring down the other, wondering where each one of us came from. Him-the wild. Me?-Captivity. There was something liberating in his eyes. As if they were calling me to an unknown destination-detoured by beauty; unbridled with freedom. So we traveled through the mud. And around the trees. And through the tall grass…Further away from the road. Until the call of home came back to me.

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