Aint Life Grand

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There’s something magically healing about the Grand Canyon. It’s a spiritual place that I can’t quite explain. Go there for a weekend. Stay at the El Tovar Hotel right on the South Rim. It’s an old, historic hotel built in the early 1900s and it has that rustic feel that makes you nostalgic for the past. Luminaries such as Theodore Roosevelt and Albert Einstein used to stay there. Then wake up in the morning, step outside, and stand in awe of the grandness that awaits you. The canyon in the morning light is lit with colors that almost seem unreal. It’s as if you’re staring into the most majestic watercolor painting. Then walk the trails along the rim. With every step, you can read about the infinite history of the canyon walls. It’s truly where time on earth begins. Every meter you walk is one million years in passing. And as you look out at the horizon, with the sun beaming down on you, and stare into the past, a feeling will come over you. I don’t know what you’ll need in that very moment, but I promise it will speak to you. So go, and just breathe. Bask in the beauty and let the grand spaces open new space in you. The earth has a profound language if you only just go and listen.

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