Lost + Found

Dress: Vintage Founders Grove, Floral Crown: The Local Stem

Today I have a grateful heart.

I’m grateful for every heart break I’ve ever felt.

I’m grateful for my mistakes, my challenges, my lowest lows.

I’m grateful for endings that feel so painful, you don’t know how to face the day.

I’m grateful for all the times you told me I wasn’t enough.

I’m grateful for the pain that gave me courage.

I’m grateful for having then loosing it all.

And starting over, completely over.

Reinvention is one of the scariest yet exhilarating things you can ever do for yourself.

Do it more than once in your life.

I’m grateful for the ones who shined the light when it was dim.

Who reflected pieces of themselves, of me, of God, of life. The beauty I couldn’t see or feel.

I’m grateful for hearts that blossom again and for the cracks that let the light in.

Your challenges and certain people and this world want to harden your spirit. Don’t let them steal your beauty.

YES to this very life. YES to every piece of it, I promise, every piece is beautiful. So savor each and every moment. Feel it. Sink into it and know, that it’s here for a reason. 

I’m grateful for nature. This earth. The spirit and kindness of the Universal energy force that is breathing life right alongside you. Listen to it. Breathe right alongside it.

I’m grateful for the days we get to be alive. Life is short. Too short. The days grow faster, the years shorter, the older I get.

I’m grateful for the loss of expectations. Because my life has never gone as planned. And that’s ok. I’m filled with stories of love, loss, perseverance, resilience…

You see, expectations are the damnedest things. They prevent us from being present. They prevent us from fully loving others and ourselves.

Letting them go has been the most freeing thing I could do for myself.

It’s allowed me to open. To understand. To realize.

That the point of our lives, this life, this ONE life.

Is to enjoy it. Without attachment. To people, or relationships, or things, or places, or material possessions.

The point of life is to be happy, to radiate happy. To live fully present in each and every moment.

To say yes to new opportunities. New people. New experiences. New challenges. New passions. New ideas.

It is to radiate love. And kindness. To surround yourself with people who positively uplift you and to spend every moment as well as you can, in uplifting places. To live as inspired as you can.

When I lost you, I found myself.

And it’s the greatest gift you could have ever given me.

Thank you.



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