Lost + Found

Dress: Vintage Founders Grove, Floral Crown: The Local Stem

Today I have a grateful heart.

I’m grateful for every heart break I’ve ever felt. Because it taught me that the one true love of my life, is myself.

I’m grateful for my mistakes, my challenges, because it taught me how I can grow and be a better human.

I’m grateful for endings that feel so painful, you don’t know how to face the day.
Yet, you do.

I’m grateful for all the times you told me I wasn’t enough. You showed me what love never is.

I’m grateful for the pain that gave me courage. Courage to use my voice. The courage to walk away. The courage to start again.

I’m grateful for endings and new beginnings. Reinvention is one of the scariest yet exhilarating things you can ever do for yourself.

I’m grateful for the ones who shined the light when it was dim. Who reflected pieces of themselves, of me, of God, of life; the beauty I couldn’t see or feel.

I’m grateful for a heart that has learned to soften into the unknown.

I’m grateful for nature. This earth. The spirit and kindness of the Universal energy force that is breathing life right alongside us.

I’m grateful for the this day. Life is short. The days grow faster, and the years fly by, the older we get.

I’m grateful for the loss of expectations. Expectations prevent us from being present. They prevent us being open to the moment, to others.  When we live without attachment to people, relationships, places, material possessions, things….our happiness levels grow.

Today,  am grateful because when I lost you, I found myself. And that is the greatest gift you could have ever given me.



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