Arizona Activities

Corral West Adventures

All Photos by Constance Higley

I had the opportunity to explore the Sonoran Desert by four legs at Corral West Adventures. This was such an incredibly special morning. We were led by Cait and Jed, and their very special horses through the mountains, and it was an absolutely beautiful trail ride.

All of the horses at their ranch are slaughter rescues. Caitlin is such an angel as she goes in and saves these poor babies during their last minutes of life. She finds them completely uncared for, completely emaciated, and gives them a second chance at her Ranch. It’s such an honorable cause and love that she has for these animals, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the work she does.

If you are in Arizona, I highly recommend spending a precious sunrise or sunset on a trail ride here. The mountain preserves, the smell of the desert, the connection to your horse, the peacefulness you feel. It’s just another way to fuel your soul. You will leave here feeling present, adventurous, connected to yourself and inspired. I promise.


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