Time Exploration

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They say that as you grow older, you begin to experience time differently. It’s a literal sensation. In our childhood, time develops slowly because everything is new and unfamiliar. Our brains are constantly processing everything around us, and that’s a lot of hard work.

But as we grow older and our lives become more familiar, more routine, time feels as though it is accelerating. It’s like you barely blinked and the Christmas decorations are up in Hobby Lobby again. Even though the hours in a day, and the days in a week, and weeks in a month, and months in a year, and a year in our lifetime – are fixed and unchanging.

And we can’t  slow  it down, literally. That’s impossible. Yet, we can slow down the way we live, that creates a sense of a more worthwhile and fulfilling life. It’s an actual phenomenon called the holiday paradox.

We can literally manipulate time in our favor. When we keep our brain active through learning and discovery, and when we travel to new, foreign places, we create the sensation of more time through the unfamiliar experiences. Curiosity is the very essence of life. It’s putting memories into the memory bank. As Leann Womak beautifully sings it, never loose your sense of wonder. And as I say it, never loose your urge to wander. Keep exploring. Keep opening yourself to new people, places, ideas, sceneries…Travel. Never stop chasing the things you want to do and the dreams that lie within. Keep hold of the unfamiliar and allow time to move slower.

Just like when we were kids.


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