Kindness Matters

Today I woke up smiling. Yesterday was GLOBAL Pay it Forward Day (@pifdayusa) and, truly one of the best days of my life! I wanted to give a shout out to Darleen Santore (@thecoachdar), the US Ambassador for this cause who has worked tirelessly to create a ripple effect of kindness here in the US. Also to Jessica Reinhart of Lumitory (@lumitory) who did so much behind the scenes work to get this momentum going, Vicki Zangl and to every other person who took a stand for kindness yesterday. Next year is going to be even MORE epic!!!

After yesterday, I feel moved in ways to act more. And I’ve been thinking about the act of being kind. Yesterday, we dropped off presents around the community, bought someone’s lunch (we found out after it was her birthday!) We talked to strangers and had conversations with them. Helped buy someone gas. Purchased tickets for people. Gave compliments. And bought a unicorn to give free hugs to people from ALL walks of life. I literally looked a grown man in the eyes, touched his face with a unicorn paw, and said the words, “You have a beautiful face. You are awesome.” I hugged a security guard, and the musician of the live band stopped playing and said, “Did we really just see the security guard get hugged by a pink unicorn??” If people didn’t want to hug me, a few seconds of talking later, they reached out and hugged their friends. We got people to smile. People to laugh. We were able for one tiny magic little moment, change the physical and emotional state of another human being and spread JOY. And it was the silliest thing ever. People, myself included, can take life too seriously! But yesterday, I felt like the wacky, goofy, entirely silly little girl I used to be. I felt like a kid.

Being kind doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take influence. It doesn’t take being anything but YOU. Kindness can literally change this world, if we stop trying to be SO DAMN cool, and start being MORE KIND. I feel like that’s our problem. Trying to be cool creates ego. Ego creates walls. Walls create hierarchies of people. That’s when the I’m not good enough comes in. Or you’re not good enough. Or you’re too different or messy. Or you don’t fit into the rigid box of society’s standards. And this is all coming around to say, LET’S MAKE IT COOL to BE KIND. It’s a simple formula or law. Give love, get love. Give happy, get happy. Give kindness, receive kindness. It’s an infinite circle of positive, chemical, emotional, and physical reactions.

So today, I mark a vow, to try my very hardest to live every day like Pay it Forward Day. To bring happiness to others through myself on a daily basis. And to go out of my way at least once a week to do something bigger for someone else. To get involved more. With foundations and people. People who are down and out. Women who need support. People with disabilities. My friends, peers, collegaues, my FAMILY. We CAN make this world, or at least our part in it, a better place. I feel it 1,000 percent in my heart. And yes, I did a somersault through Barnes & Noble yesterday. It was awkward and AWESOME. I hope you will too. The kindness part…not so much the somersault part. Although it is priceless to see the look on the manager’s face.

Peace and love friends!!!! You are all wonderful, beautiful, talented, worthy of the life and love you envision, people. Keep doin’ yo’ damn thing. And be kind! When we all can realize that our lives aren’t REALLY about us, the more we can change the path to love.

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