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Hiking Into The Wave Pt. I

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One thing to put on your bucket list is hiking into The Wave. It’s an experience that is quite an adventure. From the lottery alone, to the journey to get there. If you really put yourself in the moment, you will leave The Wave changed and awakened.

To see one of the most beautiful places in the world, you must apply for a permit here. Currently, they only allow 20 people on per day to preserve the integrity and beauty of the land. You have about a 14.6% success rate of winning the lottery, as over 10 people are chosen via an online lottery, and 10 via walk-in a day in advance, in Kanab, Utah. If you want to test your luck via walk in, the Kanab Visitor Centers Office is located here. When I applied online, I picked dates in May that had the least amount of people already entered into it (there were already over 200), picked a week day, and limited my group to 2 people for greater odds. When I received the email that I had won, I was beyond ecstatic. For 5 months, I patiently waited for my date to come.

We ended up driving up two days prior, with a stop in Sedona. And then stayed at a hotel in Page, Arizona. Around 8 am on the day of, we hopped in our car and ventured on about a 45 minute drive into Utah, to Coyote Buttes North into the Wirepass Trailhead. The road is unpaved, but nothing treacherous about it, or difficult to navigate through. There is just limited to no cell service. We followed the road all the way down until we made it to the parking lot where you sign in and begin your journey into the trailhead.

Make sure you bring the map that they send you with your pass. If we hadn’t brought it, I don’t know if we would have found The Wave. They say over 30% of people who hike into it, get lost, and actually never find it. Upon entry, we had taken a wrong turn and ventured a mile in the wrong direction. There are not very many markers, and if you’re not paying super close attention, it is highly probably you might miss it. Once we were back on the right path, we navigated our way via the picture map of land marks.

The weather during this time was absolutely perfect. Minus the thunderstorm that rolled in. But even that made the desert more beautiful, and the adventure more invigorating. We brought a liter of water, which was not necessary, and a few protein bars for snacks. The hike itself is fairly mild, with red rocks and sand at about 5.2 miles round trip, with little terrain to no incline/decline.

Once you get to The Wave itself, you will want to really take your time there. Don’t rush it. It is such a profound place of peace, beauty and spirituality. Let it wash over you. If I could do it differently, I would have hiked in around sunrise and stayed for the entire day. Unfortunately, there was a storm that rolled in which cut our time there short. I didn’t get to experience enough of it, or spend a good amount of time exploring and photographing it. Which means only one thing. I have to go back. Hopefully luck will strike again.

I’ll share more pics in my next post!


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  • Cynthia

    This is ridiculously beautiful!!!! Your post and the second post of the wave make me want to explore it myself. Thank you for sharing these beautiful posts.

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