The Wave Coyote Buttes North
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Hiking into The Wave Pt. II

The Wave Coyote Buttes NorthThe Wave Coyote Buttes North KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave66KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave63KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave58KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWaveKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave73KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave76The Wave Coyote Buttes North KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave54KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave56KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave_56KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave_8KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave48The Wave Coyote Buttes North KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave_14KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave_47The Wave Coyote Buttes North The Wave Coyote Buttes North The Wave Coyote Buttes North KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave_28The Wave Coyote Buttes North The Wave Coyote Buttes North The Wave Coyote Buttes North KateNellePhotography_KateNelle_TheWave_43The Wave Coyote Buttes North

I didn’t want to rush the moment. I wanted to feel it–to notice it. To notice myself in it. To simply be, and to let the moment wash over me. Like the ebbing away of a tide that washes over the shore.  Because I knew the moment was never meant to last. That it would be gone before I even knew it. A faded memory that I would have to relive in bits and pieces on unknown days.

I didn’t want to forget what it felt like to truly be there. How it breathed life into me, and gave me the gift of feeling so alive. Or how the edges of earth felt, against my human fingertips. The juxtaposition of stone versus bone and skin…How it taught me, that you can feel the Universe in a single moment. You can feel your place in it. The beauty. The history. The untouched, pure, unadulterated landscape of a wild planet, where dinosaurs once roamed. And how if you just breathe it in, and listen to it’s language, it will forever change you. It will awaken something new inside of yourself. Something untapped and untamed.

So I sat on the earth, before entering The Wave. Sweaty. Dusty. Eyes sparkling. Heart beating. In complete awe and gratitude from the journey it took to get there. It’s why I travel. It’s why I seek new experiences, new geographies…It teaches and gives me something humans can’t. It’s allows my spirit, to be wild and free.

Here is my video diary from the day.




  • George

    Whenever I see land with striations I think of the yearly cycle it took to create each layer. After winter the snow melts and causes flooding, which in turn creates another layer of sedimentary deposit. Like tree rings from a tree stalk, the layers are canyon’s way of letting you know how ancient it must be. The thickness and thinness of each layer can also be telling. If the layers are thin, it could suggest a drought; if a layer is thick it could suggest a catastrophic flood. When you’re at a place like this, you’re walking inside a history book that was written long ago.

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