Treehouse Cabana

We stayed in one of the most magical AirBNB’s in Flagstaff, Arizona…an open air, treehouse cabana! The property is nestled not too far from downtown Flag, which makes this getaway convenient, yet you feel like you’re tucked away in Never Never Land. The property comes complete with a lily pad pond with a red bridge, and an outdoor beached kitchen. We spent a day and a night here, and it really just wasn’t long enough! We couldn’t get enough of the sunshine and letting those summer days drift away.IMG_7230.JPGKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_Waterlilies_4.jpgIMG_7234.JPGIMG_7239.JPGKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_Waterlilies_5.jpgKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_Waterlilies_5.jpgKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_Waterlilies_13.jpgKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_Waterlilies_6.jpgKateNellePhotography_KateNelle_Waterlilies_1a.jpg

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