Arizona’s Beach – Rocky point, Mexico

We ventured south of the border to Rocky Point, Mexico, to find Arizona’s Beach, for a weekend away with OH Partners. In less than 5 hours time, we had found the sand, the sea, and were riding off into the golden glow of a Mexican sunset.

The weekend was filled with fun and adventure, from riding ATVs on Sandy Beach, to flying through the waves on jet skis. As much as it was exhilarating, it was just as relaxing, as we lounged under the shade of the palapas, and found the edge of infinity at the resort pool.

In this post, I’ll share my experience, and give you tips on where to stay and eat, what to do while there, and the controversial aspect of traveling into Mexico.


Swimsuit: June Loop | Sunnydip Hat: Lack of Colour

Sandy Beach aka Arizona’s Beach, is one of the largest beaches in Rocky Point and just steps from our hotel! No shoes are required to get you there from your room. Just put on your swimsuit (that is required), grab a towel and throw on sunscreen to maximize your beach time.

We spent Saturday cooling off in the waves, collecting sea shells and trying to negotiate with some of the locals who walk along the shore selling jewelry, drinks, hair braiding and more! Eventually we settled on a refreshing pina colada and gave some attention to our tans (or in my case, lack there of!)

Ok Pause. Can we just take a moment of silence for this sunset??


“To me the sunset sinkin’ in the sea looks like my own
 bleedin’ corazon..” – Roger Clyne + The Peacemakers

Where to Stay

We stayed at the 4 Diamond Las Palomas Beach + Golf Resort. These are privately owned condos that are maintained by the resort. Our room had a kitchen, washer + dryer, dining and living area, (and the best part!) a terrace with an ocean view! Although our room was comfy and great, we spent most of our time outside either at the beach or lounging at the pool. I mean, it had a swim up bar! Margarita sin sal por favor?! (Not surprisingly, one of the only things I know in Spanish is how to order a drink!)


What to Do:

ATV Ride. We took a sunset ATV ride on Sandy Beach, to a broken down land with views of the Sea of Cortez. If this moment had a soundtrack, it would be Mako’s song, “Into the Sunset” playing in the background as we rode off into the horizon like Bonnie and Clyde. There’s something about the heat of the air, the wind in your face, and the dust on your skin, as you whip through the sand. The setting sun is emblazoned in my memory and one I don’t think I’ll forget. They way it glowed, only the way it would in Mexico, made me feel wildly alive and free.

Photo via Love Audrey Photo

Visit Malecon. Malecon is the downtown area of Rocky Point where there are several restaurants and quaint little shops. It’s a great place to explore, watch the sunset and immerse yourself in the people and culture of Rocky Point. While we were here, we ate at the cutest spot in town with an ocean view, El Oktopus. I highly recommend it!


Jet Ski at Sandy Beach. We spent the afternoon riding the waves on a jet ski. This was an exhilarating experience, and one I had to ease into! I think at one point, I looked at my boyfriend as I was holding onto him with a grip of death and said, “Nope! I’m terrified, I don’t like this!!!” He ended up letting me drive instead, and after about 15 minutes, I made it past 14 MPH! Whew! I felt much more comfortable behind the wheel, and going slow. I’m all for the joy ride and not the adrenaline!

Where to Eat

Here are the places we ate at while here! I would recommend them all. El Tapeo Wine Bar was my favorite! And well, I can’t complain about the dinner they set up for us on the beach at Hotel Peñasco del Sol!

Mexico Travel Tips:

I understand traveling to Mexico and Rocky Point can be a controversial issue with the travel warnings released. I feel as with anything and anywhere you travel to, there is a risk. But if you take the proper precautions, are safe and don’t put yourself in bad situations, your experience will always be worth it. I felt very safe at our hotel and traveling through the city and country. Here are just a few tips that I recommend in case you’re looking to travel here as well.

  1. If you are driving across the border, purchase car insurance. It’s fairly inexpensive, and 100% precautionary and worth it. I got mine through Bravo for $54 for 48 hours.
  2. Drive cautiously. Don’t speed. Don’t drive at night.
  3. Get an international cell phone plan. Although we had wifi at the hotel, it is nice to have while in town or traveling through the country.
  4. Don’t forget your passport!
I would love to hear in the comments if Rocky Point is a place you would like to travel to! Or if you have you been before, what are some of your suggestions? As always, thank you for reading!
Special thank you to OH Partners and Puerto Peñasco Tourism & Convention Bureau for hosting this trip. 



  • Monique

    Hi, just wanted to say I love your site. You take beautiful pics! Funny thing is I was in Rocky Point when you were and we also stayed at Las Palomas which is our fav. Some of our favorite places to eat are Mare Blu, Cintron, & Tekila Bar. I def want to try the places you suggested next time we go. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Kate

    Hi Monique! No way!! That is so awesome! I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks so much for these suggestions, I will def have to try yours the next time we go! And I appreciate your sweet words and comment! Hope you have a great day! XO,

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