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The Little Things


When it comes to life, love, friendship, happiness…the little things are infinitely the most important. That’s what my Soul Honey tee says. Such sweet words and such a great reminder. Sometimes, I think we can get so caught up in things (like deadlines, images, statuses, careers, technology, etc.) that we can miss out on what is right in front of us. Like how a stranger smiled at you, or how your significant other saved the very last bite of tiramisu for you. When you notice the little things; when you are awakened by them – life becomes more tangible, more real, more beautiful. The little things create gratitude in your life. And when you have gratitude, you have more happiness, more contentment, and you stop chasing after the “bigger” things to feel more fulfilled. We have everything we need. The rest is just “extra”.

The following is a little list of little things that make me happy, and maybe you can find some inspiration or relate. Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

  1. Sunshine. And how every day, it surrounds you with it’s beautiful light and warmth.
  2. Coffee. Each sip feels like a warm hug.
  3. Dogs. The tail wags. The slobbery kisses. The unconditional companionship.
  4. Laughter. The infectious kind that makes your cheeks hurt.
  5. Hugs. Long, warm, and tight. Those are the kinds that make you feel loved.
  6. Clean sheets after a hot shower. Is there really anything better than this??
  7. Good music. You know those songs that inspire you to dance, to dream, to feel??? I  want to listen to those all day.
  8. Fresh flowers and a really good smelling candle. They enhance your home.
  9. A lazy day spent cuddling. And its the kind of cuddle where even your toes touch. I call little spoon!
  10. A really scalp good massage. (Insert drooling face emoji here.)
  11. Forehead kisses. And when he says, “I love you.”
  12. The way he looks at you and smiles. These are the things that make your heart melt.
  13. Kindness. A little goes a long way. And it all starts with a smile, and maybe even the simplest word in the human language, “Hello.”
  14. Making new friends. Especially ones who have the same passions as you, and who help you learn and grow.
  15. Re-connecting with old friends. Because you became friends for a reason.
  16. Complimenting someone. Nice smile…nice shoes…you’re cooler than an elevator ride with puppies. You know, things like that.
  17. When someone compliments you! #winning
  18. A really good hair day. Which totally needs to be documented by the way!
  19. The feeling after you just conquered a really good workout. You’re basically queen of the world.
  20. Plants. Just buy all the plants, put them around your house, name them one by one, and talk to them daily.
  21. Nature. There are unquantifiable, awe-inspiring, little things in nature. From birds chirping, to the way a tree’s branches blow in the wind. If you ever need an exercise in mindfulnes, just go outside, sit, and listen.
  22. Adventures. It doesn’t matter where, as long as you’re going.
  23. Driving with the windows down. Wind in your hair. Radio up. This is what freedom feels like.
  24. Right Now. This is you.

I’d love to know, what are some of the little things in life that make you happy? Or are the most important to you?? Leave a comment below!

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