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Coach x Selena Gomez Collection Tote: c/o | Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie Icon | Sweater: Wildfox | Earrings: Founder’s Grove | Hat: Anthropologie

Maybe it’s my sunny disposition, but being a wall flower is so boring! I’m embracing more color these days. And a little more whim. Here are a few of my favorite things I’ve been loving to keep my style fresh:

  1. Fringe Earrings. They instantly add life to your face! And any outfit! These red ones are bold and statement making. Just the pop I needed to keep me feeling fresh + fun!
  2. A red bag. This Coach x Selena tote is seriously one of my favorite accessories this fall. I honestly feel like I can wear it with almost anything for that unexpected accessory. It is such a classic style but there’s something about the color that keeps it on trend.
  3. An engineer hat. The one I am wearing is from Anthropologie. I purchased the Lack of Colour one as well, but this hat was half the price and way more versatile! It’s so much fun to make your outfit a little “extra” with this hat of the season!
  4. Lastly, I bring myself to Levis. I feel like I need a whole blog post dedicated towards my love of these jeans! And I think I will. So in the mean time, just know, these are the IT jeans you need to go put your bum in! Plus, there like $100. Um. YES!

What are some pieces and or styles you are loving for fall?! I want to know! Leave a comment down below!


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