The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

In this post, I am sharing my favorite apps that will help you up your Instagram game! I use all of these apps regularly, to add style, function and ease to both my Instagram feed and stories. Some of this may be info you already know, but some of it may not! Let’s begin!


The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game


Instagram Planning:



This is an app that allows you to upload your images before posting to instagram and carefully curate how your feed will flow aesthetically. You can also add captions and hashtags in advance, and post directly from the app! It also gives you analytics that are helpful in your content and it’s engagement. You can also plan out and upload your Insta-Stories in this app as well.

The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game, Plan Your Feed + Stories with Planoly


Instagram Typography Design App



Create good design with out being a pro, with the Over app. Here, you can easily add captions to your images, play with fonts, colors, and pull from an extensive library of templates and images. I use this app primarily for Insta-Stories, especially when I am doing a #FollowFriday or if I feel like sharing a quote.

The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game, Create Typography Designs with Over


Symbol Keyboard

Ever wonder how you get those simple line art emojis like these?? ↠♡☼☓☽ Well, this is the app that let’s you choose from their collection of hip symbols. They are perfect to use when writing your Instagram name and bio. ☆


Instagram Photo Editing Apps



I have been using VSCO for years. I personally think they have the best filters to apply for those insta-worthy images. I also love the ease and simplicity of their interface. The built in editing tools are powerful too and I love that you can straighten, crop, adjust the – X and Y skew, sharpening, saturation and coloring, plus many more!

The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game, Edit Photos with VSCO AppKateNelle_BestInstagramApps230web



To maximize the power of this app, you need to be synced to the Adobe Cloud and have Lightroom on your computer. It then syncs your images from your computer to phone and vice versa. What I like best about this app, is that I can do selective editing, such as add gradient light, and effect the photo in a single area. I will usually pull an iPhone image into Lightroom to do selective edits before I pull it into VSCO to add filters, and any other necessary adjustments.



This is the app that adds all those trendy gritty grains and light leaks to your photos to give a vintage effect. I add these into my images occasionally because every now and then I like to hit the trends, while the majority of the time, still staying true to myself.

The Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game, Add Grit, Grain and Light leaks to Instagram Photos with Mextures


Instagram Layout App for Stories



This app is the for creating designs for your Insta-Stories with their modern and minimal layout templates. You can add photos, text and create collages. When I am sharing a blog post or a #FollowFriday, I use this app 100% of the time. For $1.99, you can purchase each additional template series. I absolutely love the FF1 (Film Frames) which is inspired by analog photography. I also use the CS1 a lot too, which is more editorial. This app is a definite MUST!



Instagram Video Apps


Record It!

This app allows you to record what is on your phone screen. I love using this app when I am sharing a blog post on my Insta-Story.



Edit your videos in this app. It has a ton of features, such as adding music, cropping, adjusting the overall color, contrast and saturation…It definitely adds that something extra to your videos for a more produced look.


Storeo for Instagram

This app takes your videos and splices them into 15 seconds for Insta-Stories for perfect transitions when posting. This makes uploading longer videos seamless and easy.


8MM + VHS Camcorder

If you want your Instagram videos to look more retro and moody, these are the apps for you!


Alright guys, there you have it! My favorite and most used apps that up my Instagram game. I hope you found this article helpful! As I come across newer and cooler apps, I’ll make sure to share more! If you have a favorite app that I have not featured, let us know in the comments down below! Happy Instagramming!

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