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6 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Today I’m sharing 6 things that I’m really happy about in life lately!

1. Rising with the Sun! I’ve become a true believer in the power of mornings! I formed the habit to go to bed around 8:30/9 and wake up around 5/5:30 am to get a good work out in. Taking that time to sweat, move and do something for myself first thing, always helps me to feel more motivated, productive, happier, healthier and overall balanced for the day ahead! Plus, I love the quiet stillness and the beautiful light the mornings bring. It really is my zen time.

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2. SUMMER! Yeah, I know Arizona in the summer time has the most “unbearable” weather, but I’m still in love with it. There’s just a different feeling in the air, and the world here slows down a little bit. Plus, I’m SO excited for summer vacations in California. We’ll be heading to Coronado (one of my favorite places on earth!!) in July and I am counting down the days! We are bringing our dogs and it will be their first time on the beach. I know they are going to freak out in excitement! What do you love most about summer?

Spring Summer Style, Half up hair do, Scarf Hair Do's, Fossil Bag for summer, Sanctuary Desert Peasant Top, Vacation Style, Arizona Style, Kate Nelle

3.  My office! We recently converted our upstairs loft to my office/studio! Having a space dedicated to my work, creativity and passions feels like a luxury! I can have shoots here with seamless backdrops, I can paint, edit photos, blog and write! There is so much natural light and overall great energy for me to feel completely open and happy to create. I’m enjoying dreaming up what the space will look like and I’ve started to have a mild vintage coffee table book obsession because of it.


4. Long Walks with my Fam on the Golf Course. We live on a golf course and every night, walk our dogs on it. It is by far, the thing we all look forward to most every day! The dogs get to run around, Will and I get to hold hands and talk. Having access to and living somewhere so green in the desert feels like an escape to paradise. Every day I’m like, “WOW! It’s SO gorgeous! Look at those flowers! Look at the moon! Look at that Bald Eagle!! Look at that crane! Awww the baby geese are growing!!!!” I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by so much beauty and life, every single day.

5. Golf. I recently really got into golf. Like, I love it. I love being active and always love a new challenge! I have been practicing most nights (on our walks) and hit the driving range on the weekends! I recently just got my own set of clubs. Will has been teaching me and he is an incredible golfer!!

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6. My Family. I am SO obsessed with my family. Like, so obsessed. I don’t know what I would do without them! My dogs bring me so much happiness, and Will brings me even more. I never knew life could be so good, or that I would ever find that sweetness to it. I used to think happiness existed from external things, or that I needed to be doing BIG things to be happy, causing me to always be chasing after them. But, I have come to realize after all of these years…happiness, true, lasting, sustaining happiness (FOR ME) is all about the life built at home and the love you surround yourself with. I can’t wait for what’s next…stay tuned!

What are some things that are making you happy right now? Leave a comment below! I want to know!

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  • Diana

    Aw, you make me happy! Contentment is such a powerful thing and loving where we are in life. I am so glad it’s all in place for you and I can’t believe you like the summers here hahahaha!! Stay tuned? You have me on pins and needles! xx

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