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First Trimester Update

Written and photographed at 10 Weeks.

Making: a baby. Right now it’s the size of a strawberry!

Cooking: from the Whole Smith’s Good Food cook book and I’m obsessed with the recipes!

Craving: watermelon and french fries.

Drinking: gallons of water, orange juice and milk!

Reading: The Mindful Mom-to-Be and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Looking: up baby names! And it’s really hard finding any I like!

Having: the WEIRDEST dreams ever. 

Wasting: time watching re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I can’t help that I love them. Ugh. I said it out loud and it feels sooo good.

Wishing: for a happy, healthy, beautiful baby come February!!!


Enjoying: naps, cooking, scalp massages, puzzles….and my growing BUMP!

Waiting: for the second trimester! I hear it goes from dreary to cheery! I have not felt like myself at ALL. It’s been very hard to do anything other than rest!

Wondering: is it a boy or is it a girl?? Who will this baby be?! I can’t wait to find out!!

Loving: Dominos Black Box Pizza.

Hoping: one day pizza becomes an essential food group.

Marveling: at seeing our baby’s ultra sound and hearing it’s heart beat. Sweetest and most amazing sound I have ever heard, in my whole, whole life.

Giggling: at a Joel McHale Show episode on Netflix. Which, then turned into extreme laughter. But that became too much to handle, so I started crying. And I was laughing and crying all at the same time. Hormones, am I right?

Needing: a good dose of Vitamin D and Vitamin SEA.

Wearing: stretchy pants and comfy tees.

Noticing: my growing belly and all the changes happening inside my body. It’s amazing what women are capable of!!!

Knowing: that our lives will change forever in 7 months.

Thinking: constantly about growing this little, precious life.

Feeling: anxious, tired, nauseous, excited, in love…so blessed and so happy.

Knowing: Extreme gratitude for this miracle of life.


Little Babe you are already SO SO loved. We can’t wait to meet you, hold you, kiss you, tickle your cheeks, count your toes and love on you so much!!! We already think you’re perfect.

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