Blogger Kate Nelle shares her gender reveal, surprise it's a girl! Wearing a pink Reformation dress sitting in a field of grass with falling pink rose petals for her gender reveal, gender announcement, long braid style, feminine maternity style
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Dear Baby Girl

To our baby girl,

You are finally here. I’ve felt your spirit strongly so many times. I’ve seen you in my dreams, running around in a diaper with soft curls of golden blonde hair, underneath trees of giant peonies. Every time I think of you, my heart feels full and I could cry, knowing one day soon, you will be mine.

Blogger Kate Nelle shares her gender reveal with her husband, in a pink reformation dress, roses and side braid, maternity style, bump style

You will be ours. I finally found the father you deserve. He is good and he is so kind. I promise he will love you and take care of you, better than anyone I’ll ever know, because that’s how he takes care of me. You are so so lucky to have him as your daddy. You will love him more than anything in this whole world, and you will certainly have him tied around your little finger.

Baby girl, you once were just a glimmer in my eye, a star in the sky. Now, you are here. You feel like a planet growing inside me – beautiful, intricate, vast….divine, precious, and magnificent…

You are made with love and created with light. Always remember that.

Blogger Kate Nelle shares her gender reveal, surprise it's a girl! Wearing a pink Reformation dress, holding pink rose and floral gender reveal, gender announcement, feminine maternity style

I know I’ll be imperfect when it comes to being your mum, yet, I promise to love you harder and with more passion than anything in this life. I will always try my best to do right by you and our family. I can’t wait to watch you grow in every beautiful stage of your life. I will teach you fiercely how to love your self and others. How to be kind and how to chase your dreams. I will foster your spirit and help you soar so that your life will be lived to its fullest potential.

I made a promise to God when you were just six weeks new inside me, that I will raise you to be exactly who He intends. That’s not up to me or your father. I will never force you to be anything other than that which you are. Because who you are inside and out, is perfect. Don’t let this world ever tell you differently.

So for now, continue to grow and develop into that healthy baby we will hold in our arms for the first time come February. When your life begins – mine begins, again.

You are field of wild flowers, a song that’s never been sung. You are as lovely as the moon, and brighter than the sun.  I love you my little butterfly.




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  • diana

    I love you in pink. I am so happy you guys are having a girl 🙂 Yayyyyyy!! Going to love on that sweet baby girl so much. These photos are precious and I love this sweet letter to her. Be sure to print this out for her to read! xx

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