Our Maternity Session


Sol Dress from Doen | White Dress: Vintage from Vintage by Misty

All Images By: Brianna Anderson Photography

I love working with local Arizona maternity photographer Brianna Anderson. She has such a unique vision and is very direct in her approach during her photo sessions. Bri is all about sensuality and beauty of womanhood and pregnancy. She has this innate way of brining out the most romantic sides of her clients. Working with her energy is always a dream!

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We are currently 27 weeks along and constantly dreaming about our baby girl. I can’t help but to constantly wonder – who will she be and what she will look like! Will and I have similar yet different features in ways, so it will be interesting to see how they all blend together! I vividly remember being a small girl playing dress up in my bedroom, wearing a gold slip my grandma had worn, too big high heels, and a pillow stuffed in my belly. I shined thinking about being a mom at 7 years old and I have carried that dream with me ever since. To say I have waited for her my whole life for our baby girl wouldn’t be an understatement. In so many ways, I know she was destined to be.

I just feel so happy and so blessed for this season in life. Will has been the most amazing parter to go through this journey with. He is always tending to any of my needs no matter how big or small, and is constantly supportive towards me! There have been a lot of ups and downs with this pregnancy and having someone to help carry me through it is the biggest blessing. I know he will make the best dad to our baby girl!

We are so excited to meet our baby girl come February. The best is yet to come.


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