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I set out to find some wildflowers with my little wild flower, close to home. (We’ll stretch our wings a bit farther when she gets older.) As we drifted through the blooming fields, I carried her in my Wildbird baby wrap. I absolutely love this wrap as it can grow with us from her newborn to toddler stage. We have the Stork-Chambray style and I love how minimal it is. The fabric is natural and breathable for those warm summer days. Lately, I have had my eye on this birdy. The peach color is perfect for the season.


Baby Wearing Benefits

There are so many benefits to wearing our babies. For one, it just feels good! I love feeling her tiny weight against my chest, and she loves how secure she feels. The wrap mimics the womb, cocooning her small body. The motion of my movements, the scent of my skin, and the sound of my beating of heart – all instantly calm her, and she falls asleep.

The wrap also allows me to be completely hands free, which is a total win. I can easily explore and do the things I want or need to do, all while she stays close enough to kiss. I’m not having to lug a heavy/bulky stroller around when we are out, or check on her every five minutes when we are at home.

Another great benefit of wearing our babies is that it helps them developmentally, by taking the pressure off her head, helping to prevent flat headedness. There are more benefits to baby wearing, however, these are the ones I found most valuable!


One of the things I am looking forward to most with my baby girl is exploring the earth. Wherever I go, she goes, as I’ll always carry her close. I hope she will see things so beautiful, they take her breath away. Just as she does to mine. I hope to nurture her nature, and wild her wilderness…

I hope that she will grow wild and free. Tall and brave. In all the places that she dreams…


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