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I Dreamt a Dream

I had almost unknowingly deleted this unpublished and forgotten post from 2018. But today I decided to hit publish…

I dreamt a dream the other night…

We traveled to a foreign place from the comfort of my bed. Through the lullabies of sleep, we found ourselves walking through a narrow airplane aisle making way to our seats, as we were about to trek across the world. The airplane cabin was dimly lit, with a muted yellowish-brown hue drearily illuminating the space. We must have been the last people to board the plane, as everyone was turning to look as we inched forward through the long line of people. I saw Drew Barrymore seated quietly. And for some reason, I can’t let go of the impression of one lady. She was older, with curly, frizzy hair and a crooked nose. I felt uncomfortable. As we walked further to find a seat, the aisle kept getting longer and longer, until suddenly, it had turned into the cabin of another commercial airplane. The light was brighter, it was less crowded and instantly, the energy felt more comfortable, and I felt more at ease.

I don’t remember the moments in-between sitting down and taking off. But when we were in the air, we were suddenly in a third airplane. This time, it was small, only holding four passengers. You were sitting to my left. The airplane had open windows, and we found ourselves flying low above the most beautiful, crystal clear blue water. At first I was concerned. I was concerned that my seat belt wouldn’t hold me. As the plane leaned forward in a jolt, my body followed gravity. Yet, to my surprise, I stayed safe in place. 

It was at that moment, I let go and suddenly began enjoying the view. It was a beautiful ride. The wind was on our face. The sunlight was beaming down, creating light reflections in the water. I can’t get over the color blue. Blue in dreams represents, truth, wisdom, heaven, tranquility, loyalty and openness…a desire to get away.

I can only describe the destination we ultimately reached as a magical, quaint little town. It was very old and built into the sides of a mountain. It was a place that I could say existed, maybe only in dreams. But if it was real, I would imagine it to be somewhere in the Swiss Alps…

It was Spring time, as there was still some snow on the peaks of the mountains. Tiny, colorful apartments from red, to yellow, green and blue stacked on top of each other so quaintly. When we finally pulled up to our cute home for our stay, the first thing I remember was reading the name on the front door of the house. It said, “Lait”.

Right then and there, I woke up.

And I remember, thinking, wow. That’s an interesting name for a house. And it was then I muttered the town name out loud, “Verona.”

I fell back asleep.

The morning when I awoke, I needed to understand what the word “Lait” meant. I knew in French it meant milk. When it is derived to the English form, it means, “To search for.” It could also imply, LATE. As in, taking place after the expected. 

It wasn’t until today, I randomly googled Verona. Now, I need you to understand, I don’t remember ever hearing of Verona. I didn’t even know if it was a real place. It has never had any meaning or significance to me.

When I found my answer, I learned, Verona is a city in Northern Italy’s Veneto region, with a medieval old town built between the Adige River. It is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo + Juliet”. A 14th-century  residence with a tiny balcony overlooking a courtyard is said to be “Juliet’s House.” The balcony where Romeo expressed his eternal love to his beloved Juliet…

And this is where you take me.

Oh, I dreamt a dream tonight….In bed asleep while laying next to you. Where dream things come true. If my dreams could tell me anything, it is yes. Yes, I’ve been searching for love. All this time, I was searching for you…

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