Our Kitchen Remodel Progress

When renovating your home, you have to be prepared for the unknown. While, we weren’t originally planning on remodeling the kitchen until Phase II, plans quickly changed during some of the demo process. One thing led to another, and well, here we are, giving our kitchen a very necessary glow up.

In today’s post, I am sharing our kitchen remodel progress. I will also be sharing all the details of where we sourced items and which ones we used. Keep scrolling for more details!

The Before

As you can see, our kitchen was pretty dated and didn’t represent who we are. It was dark, felt cramped and had an awkward flow.

The During

We are still currently in the process of the renovation, but the big items are pretty much done, which makes this kitchen functional! That’s a huge win! When renovating yourself, having the expectation that things all won’t be done at once is very essential. Our kitchen has quickly become one of my favorite places in the house as we love to spend time in here cooking, making coffee, and enjoying meals and dance parties together!

Our kitchen remodel progress - Kate Nelle

The Inspiration

The inspiration for our home is Australian Coastal meets California Casual. This means, lots of whites, warm tones, woven textures, and natural woods. Since we are renovating on a budget and in a tight time frame, we decided to keep it simple with classic white shaker cabinets and white quartz countertops. An all white kitchen can be contemporary, traditional or transitional, making it extremely versatile and customizable to an individual’s style.


One thing to be careful about when it comes to designing an all white kitchen, is making sure things don’t become too sterile. When it came to choosing countertops, we decided on white quartz for an affordable and stylish option. We went with Della Terra quartz in “Everest” from Arizona Tile, for an organic look and feel. This slab has the look of marble with it’s subtle grey veining throughout. Having just that little variation in the slab, created the necessary warmth and “aliveness” the kitchen needed.

To save money, we also used butcher block from Home Depot as a countertop in another space. We sealed it with mineral oil. The butcher block added additional warmth to the space while creating a point of interest. My advice would be not to hesitate mixing things up when it comes to countertops and cabinetry. It allows you to have fun with the design and inject more of a custom style into your space. Afterall, there are no hard and set rules that everything needs to be the same!

Sink + Faucet

I have always wanted a farmhouse sink and my dreams came true with this beauty – Fireclay Farmhouse Kraus sink. I love the single basin, and how clean it looks and feels. Bonus is that we bathe Kaia in this while her bathroom is in under construction!

Our kitchen remodel progress: Kraus Farmhouse Sink - Kate Nelle

To keep everything modern and warm, we went with this Moen faucet in brushed gold, along with this Moen soap dispenser. I love how sleek these look in our kitchen. They’re beautiful and super functional!

Our kitchen remodel progress: Moen Modern Faucet in Polished Brass - Kate Nelle

It’s All In the Details

Designing a kitchen on a budget may seem like you are sacrificing that custom or “bespoke” look. However, I believe that you can still achieve high, aspirational style. With some creativity and finishing touches, design really can be achieved in the details. Here are some things we will be doing to create that more bespoke design.

Tile Backsplash

For a handmade, slightly imperfect charm, we will be adding a white zellige tile backsplash to the space. Zellige tiles are ceramic tiles made of natural teracotta clay, that have been fired and glazed. No two tiles are exactly the same – from the size, to the color to the texture, to the edges. Adding this tile to our kitchen will really create that artisanal and organic aesthetic that we would otherwise be missing.

Our kitchen remodel progress: Earthy Zellige Tile by Cle Tile - Kate Nelle
Zellige Tiles from Cle Tile

Floating Wood Shelves

Foregoing additional cabinetry in the kitchen, we decided natural wood open shelves in a white oak, would be a beautiful option. Not only would this add warmth, but it would also open up the the kitchen, making it feel larger. Even if we sacrificed some storage space (which we’ve moved to the pantry/laundry area) we have picked up some serious style. I just love the idea of having a space to display artisanal ceramics, dishes and inspirational cook books. This really may become my happy place, where I find myself constantly rearranging things.

Our kitchen remodel progress: The Stables Kitchen Inspo - Kate Nelle
Kitchen Inspo via The Stables


It was very important for me to have white appliances. We went with the matte white Cafe Appliance line by GE, and they are worth EVERY penny. These really transform the space and create that WOW moment I was looking for. I love how these are customizable to your space and pack so much style.

Lime Wash Paint

Lime wash paint creates a beautiful weathered patina on your walls. It creates subtle textured movement and natural color variation that softens with age. It is a matte, chalky texture that gives the look of plaster. Lime wash paints date back to the Roman times! I think adding this above the backsplash would be gorgeous!

I will be sure to update you as we move forward with the rest of the renovation. It may be halted a bit with the Corona Virus outbreak, so we will see how everything unfolds here in the near future. Please email me or leave a comment if you have any questions!


  • Mia Tenille

    I am obsessed with your entire blog! Your style is gorgeous and I would totally hire you to whip my house into shape!! I have to know, what color are your kitchen cabinets? And what brand is your kitchen sink faucet? I love that combo. I am refinishing my kitchen cabinets and want to do them in that color if possible! Thank you so much!

  • Sadie

    This is my dream kitchen! I love how clean and bright it looks! I also love the brushed gold faucet and soap dispenser! I seriously can’t get enough of these photos! We had our old, dark cabinets painted white and it did wonders for our kitchen! We highly recommend this cabinet painting company if you’re near Hartford, SD! I’m going to look into brushed gold cabinet handles and faucet right now!

  • Sadie

    This is my dream kitchen! I love how clean and bright it looks! I also love the brushed gold faucet and soap dispenser! I seriously can’t get enough of these photos! We had our old, dark cabinets painted white and it did wonders for our kitchen! I was actually shocked by how much better just painting our cabinets made our kitchen look. I’m going to look into brushed gold cabinet handles and sink faucet right now!

  • Amie Rettke

    Love your kitchen remodel! We just put in the same counter tops but now our cabinets look yellow. What color white did you use on your cabinets?

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