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12 Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic

Slow fashion brands are shining a light on an industry that has massive implications on our planet. From “farm to fashion”, using deadstock fabrics, and encouraging secondhand sales, these slow fashion brands are proving they are anything but basic. In today’s post, I am sharing my 12 favorite slow fashion brands and why they matter.


Doen believes in a “few, better things” mentality and in building a wardrobe that is crafted to last. And their clothing is just that. With their use of recyclable and GOTS certified fabrics, their pieces have a life cycle. They even encourage secondhand sales of their items.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Doen - Kate Nelle

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is pioneering a new way to create clothes. She is all about honoring mother earth. They use deadstock fabrics, or fabrics that haven’t been able to sell, and incorporate them into their releases.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Christy Dawn - Kate Nelle

Auguste the Label

August the Label’s fabrics are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and effortlessly beautiful. In 2016, Auguste joined 1% For The Planet. Through this movement, they have pledged to donate 1% of their annual sales to The Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Orangutan Land Trust. They look at it as an “earth tax” for being polluters and using up natural resources. Brilliant.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Auguste the Label - Kate Nelle

Bird & Kite

“Our world needs change. Change happens incrementally and with constant revision over time. A single act is not enough. It is comprised of the many small choices made along the way that amount to a great impact. Just starting is the key. Starting with small choices within our reach and then moving on to bigger choices that we can grow into.”

Bird & Kite

Bird & Kite is a gorgeous line made in Bali. They collaborate with balinese artisans to keep artisan culture alive, using ancient and traditional methods of production. Each piece is made by a person, not a machine.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Bird & Kite - Kate Nelle


Reformation is ethical and innovative. They have very high standards when it comes to manufacturing their fabrics. The majority of their pieces are created to be as natural and biodegradable as possible. From investing in green building infrastructure, to minimizing waste, and investing in people – sustainability truly is at the core everything they do.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Reformation - Kate Nelle


Everlane is that classic brand that represents everyone and will never go out of style. They believe we ALL can make a difference. Through exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency, Everlane is proving that fashion can be sustainable. They even break down the cost of each item so you can see their markup on it. This company is no BS. And I’m here for it.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Everlane - Kate Nelle

Savannah Morrow

Savannah’s line is the epitome of wanderlust, and captures the bohemian female spirit so beautifully and effortlessly. They work with with wild organic cotton from the very start, and attempt to stay away from synthetic materials, to be 100% biodegradable. 

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Savannah Morrow the Label - Kate Nelle

Belle the Label

Belle the Label believes in creating pieces from start to finish, using raw materials that come from the earth. Since they aren’t treated with chemicals, they can eventually biodegrade back into the earth. Their goal is to create a life cycle for each piece, that is circular.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Belle the Label - Kate Nelle


KOTN takes a farm to table approach, but with fashion. Also known as “farm to fashion”. They begin with growing their cotton in Egypt. You can see their complete process on their website, showing their radical transparency in this market. KOTN’s pieces are truly artful and 100% intentional.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: KOTN - Kate Nelle

Mate the Label

Mate is a clean essentials brand made sustainably in Los Angeles, with non-toxic, natural and organic materials. They believe in spreading love, not chemicals. They share that there are over 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in clothing manufacturing that are carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting and hazardous to our health. But they’ve GOTS us, with beautiful, certified organic cotton that is of the Global Organic Textile Standard. There pieces really aren’t so basic.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Mate the Label - Kate Nelle

Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row is made in limited run batches using only locally sourced deadstock textiles and materials. They are a really fun, trendy brand out of L.A. and they share their stats on how they are limiting their impact.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Whimsy + Row - Kate Nelle

Will & Bear

Will & Bear hats are trendy, hip and beautifully crafted. They are committed to using 100% natural materials and planting 10 trees for every hat sold. My “hat” goes off to any company who gives back to their community and the spaces that we play in.

Slow Fashion Brands That Are Anything but Basic: Will & Bear - Kate Nelle

Does learning more about a brand and how they are being more socially conscious make you want to change where you shop? Who are some of your favorite slow fashion brands?

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