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Coffee is the most essential part of my morning routine. It is one simple act I do for myself every day that brings me joy. From a curated collection of artisanal mugs, to the smell of espresso brewing – there is a certain art and slowness to it, that awakens the day. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my favorite morning coffee essentials from machines and coffee flavor pods, to artisinal mugs and linen robes. Scroll to read more.

Before the whole Corona Virus trapped us inside our homes, I would walk every day to my favorite local coffee shop and order a large, almond milk latee with one pump vanilla. Kaia would smile and giggle at the baristas, and we would say hi to the good ol’ regulars we’d see day after day. These strangers, old, young, new moms, men, women – we’re all brought together for a single moment over our shared love of coffee. I miss this connection we would share, even if brief.

Of course, all of life has it’s seasons…

One of the first things I will do when this is all over, is saunter over in the sunshine, and order my “usual”. Until then, I will be loving on my Nespresso maker. Sure, she’s not as friendly as the barista’s I grew used to day after day, but she sure makes a great cup of coffee. And for that, me and my coffee addiction are forever grateful.

Coffee at Home with Nespresso - Kate Nelle

The Nespresso Lattissima One Silky White

The Nespresso by De’Longhi Lattissima Original Espresso Machine with Milk Frotherby in Silky White is not only functional, brewing my morning cup of heaven, but it is compact and stylish in my kitchen. I just love when form meets function.

What I love about this Nespresso machine is how easy it is to use. I simply pop in a Nespresso capsule. My favorite capsule flavors are the Livanto and Columbia. Livanto is a balanced medium roast with notes of a delicate caramelization. Columbia is a medium roast with bursts of winey red fruits. Once I pop in the capsule, I pour whole milk into the frothing container. I’ve found that whole milk gives the best froth and flavor. I make sure the water container is full, and then simply press the magic button. In 40 seconds, my latte is steamed, frothed, and poured! This is immediate gratification.

Coffee at Home with Nespresso - Kate Nelle

I Didn’t Choose the Mug Life, the Mug Life Chose Me

Curating a special collection of mugs enhances my overall coffee experience. I love neutral, unglazed, speckled ceramics that are handmade by artisans. They exude style and warmth. ETSY is a great place to search for unique mugs that do not look mass produced. I listed a few of my favorites for you to shop down below.

Coffee at Home : H&M Dusty Rose Linen Robe - Kate Nelle

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Dreamy Linen Robes

Linen robes are so dreamy. When I wake up in the morning, I reach for this stone washed linen H&M robe in dusty rose. Linen is a sustainable fabric and breathes so easily, which will be great as the weather starts to get warmer. Plus, it is just so effortless and beautiful. Here are a few more of my favorite linen robes all under $100!

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