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Upcycle Pots with DIY Terracotta Chalk Paint

I wanted to share with you a really easy and fun transformation on today’s blog post! I am upcycling old pots with a few fresh coats of D.I.Y. terracotta chalk paint! We had these pots laying around, that were great in size and shape, but the color wasn’t matching our current aesthetic. We really didn’t want them to go to waste, as they are beautiful (and expensive!). So with some D.I.Y. chalk paint, we transformed them into faux terracotta pots. The finished product is beautiful and truly resembles true terracotta.

Upcycle Outdoor Pots with DIY Terracotta Chalk Paint - Kate Nelle Blog

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a decorative paint known for it’s matte, chalky appearance. It has more of a rustic look and feel when applied to a surface compared to regular paint. You can use chalk paint on furniture, cabinets, vanities…and many other types of surfaces. A huge benefit of chalk paint is that is doesn’t require any prep work; just apply to clean surfaces! It should not be confused with chalkboard paint, which creates a surface that can be written on with chalk.

If you’re not into DIY’ing your chalk paint, check out Annie Sloan. She was the original creator of it. Magnolia Home also provides several lovely shades of chalk paint to choose from. The benefit of D.I.Y.ing your own is that a) it is more affordable, b) you can choose any color you would like, and c) it’s super easy!

D.I.Y. Terracotta Chalk Paint

What You Will Need

1/3 Cup Plaster of Paris

1/3 Cup Cold Water

One Cup Paint Color that resembles Terracotta

I chose Dunn Edwards “Harvest Time” and “Pecan Veneer” in an exterior flat finish for colors that resemble natural terracotta earthenware. If you will be using your pots indoors, make sure you choose an interior finish, as it contains less chemicals than exterior paints.

Upcycle Outdoor Pots with DIY Terracotta Chalk Paint - Dunn Edwards Terracotta Colors:  Kate Nelle Blog

Step One

Mix the Plaster of Paris with the cold water.

Step Two

Combine with the paint. Mix thoroughly. You are looking for a thicker paint consistency.

Step Three

Paint your up-cycled pot with a paintbrush or a small 1/4 quarter knap paint roller. A paint brush can leave streaks, where a paint roller will give a smoother, more natural finish. It also allows for a fuller coverage for surfaces that are very porous. After the first coat, allow the pot to dry completely.

Upcycle Outdoor Pots with DIY Terracotta Chalk Paint - Kate Nelle Blog

Step Four

Apply a second coat, and if needed a third. Make sure you paint the inner rim. Allow your pot to dry completely before potting any plants, or brining indoors!

Step Five

Plant seasonal appropriate plants in your pot. Or if you are doing a vase, opt for some dried flora for a low-maintenance approach! Then, enjoy your D.I.Y. handywork!

Upcycle Outdoor Pots with DIY Terracotta Chalk Paint - Kate Nelle Blog

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Upcycle Outdoor Pots with DIY Terracotta Chalk Paint - Kate Nelle Blog

What do you think of this DIY? Is this something you’d like to try? Leave a comment below and let me know! As always, tag me on social media

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