DIY Rainbow Embroidered Straw Sun Hat for Little Girl
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D.I.Y. Rainbow Embroidered Sun Hat for Little Girls

It is no surprise that I love rainbows! Even my little girl’s middle name is Rai (short for Rainbow.) We had bought this sun hat for her on Amazon when she was about 6 months old. I thought it would be a fun D.I.Y. to add a cute little rainbow embellishment made from yarn we had laying around the house for this edition of what I am now calling, “quarantine crafts”. In today’s post, I am sharing a step by step guide on how to adorn a straw sun hat for your sweet babe, with a cute and simple rainbow embroidery embellishment!

DIY Rainbow Embroidered Straw Sun Hat for Little Girl

What You Will Need

  • Sun Hat – We purchased this one here. But this would work, or this one too. They are all around $10.
  • A medium to large embroidery needle.

How To Add Your Rainbow Embroidery

Watch this video here to see how I did my stitch. Hopefully this is explanatory enough. I didn’t photograph the process unfortunately! I posted a video on my instagram of how I embroidered it, if you want to check that out here!

Step One

Begin by drawing a rainbow arch with a light pencil, onto your sun hat. This will be the line you will follow when you begin your embroidery.

Step Two

Double your yarn and attach it to your needle with a knot.

Step Three

Pull the needle through the sun hat from the back, at the beginning edge of your rainbow.

Step Four

Using a split stitch, move a stitch length forward.

Step Five

Bring the needle back through the front 1/3rd of the previous stitch, and come up right inside it, splitting the thread.

Step Six

Move forward a stitch length on the front of the hat, then come back a little ways anywhere from the front 1/3rd to half of the previous stitch.

Step Seven

Repeat until you get to the end of the rainbow line that you drew. Repeat for your next rainbow color until your rainbow is complete!

DIY Rainbow Embroidered Straw Sun Hat for Little Girl

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