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    Desert Jungalow

    Dress: Auguste the Label via Founder’s Grove | Hat: Anthropologie | Earrings: Founders Grove | Vintage Belt + Boots: Founders Grove There’s a bohemian jungalow in the red rocks, just off Westfork Trail. It was more alive with wonder than I could have possibly imagined. Every step we took, the scenery transformed and told a story of a wild world spun infinitely in time. From the whispers of a golden field with apple trees. To red rock cliffs, canopying high above a quiet creek. There were overgrown ferns that felt wildly exotic and tall oak trees who’s trunks were hidden with ivy, from their roots to the stars. The brick remains…

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    The Grand Tetons

    If we were walking through these fields together, I might say in passing, how beautiful it is here. I might tell you, there’s nothing like this sunshine. Or how much my heart opens in the expanses of these kinds of places. I might tell you, there’s something in the air that allows me to breathe in a little deeper. A found refuge, to these mountains I’ve been climbing. And the wonder of it all is, no matter how high our peaks are, we keep going. Still open. Still trekking forward. With curiosity, wonder. Just softening into the great divide.  

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    Pants + Top: Anthropologie | Hat: Lack of Colour | Grecian Sandals: Vida Moulin Just some quick snaps in my favorite summer outfit at one of my favorite summer spots, L’Auberge de Sedona.  

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    Motel Motel

    Dress + Bag: Vintage from Founder’s Grove | Sunglasses: Anthropologie | Spencer Boater Hat: Lack of Colour Tim McGraw says the highway don’t care. And maybe it don’t. But I’ve got to tell you, some of my favorite moments are on highways. There’s something in the possibility of the destination. You never know what you might stumble upon. Like a billboard in Tuba City, Arizona that takes you to dinosaur tracks. (Yes, that’s a thing! I’ll post about it.) Or this abandoned motel, overgrown with weeds, that perfectly matches the dress you threw into the trunk of your car. Like, maybe I’ll wear this, maybe I won’t?! Whatever, it’s cute.…

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    Time Exploration

    The Perfect Pair of Jeans + Boots: Madewell | Top: Vida Moulin | Bag, Vintage Belt: Founders Grove | Bandana: Anthropologie They say that as you grow older, you begin to experience time differently. It’s a literal sensation. In our childhood, time develops slowly because everything is new and unfamiliar. Our brains are constantly processing everything around us, and that’s a lot of hard work. But as we grow older and our lives become more familiar, more routine, time feels as though it is accelerating. It’s like you barely blinked and the Christmas decorations are up in Hobby Lobby again. Even though the hours in a day, and the days in a week,…

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    Zara Poplin Top, Zara Shoes, Zara Pants, Madewell C!ao Top. Madewell Hat; Madewell Bag