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    I Dreamt a Dream

    I had almost unknowingly deleted this unpublished and forgotten post from 2018. But today I decided to hit publish… I dreamt a dream the other night… We traveled to a foreign place from the comfort of my bed. Through the lullabies of sleep, we found ourselves walking through a narrow airplane aisle making way to our seats, as we were about to trek across the world. The airplane cabin was dimly lit, with a muted yellowish-brown hue drearily illuminating the space. We must have been the last people to board the plane, as everyone was turning to look as we inched forward through the long line of people. I saw Drew…

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    The Language of Trees

    The aspen trees have a different energy than the cacti that I am used to. It appears as though the knots on their trunks are watchful eyes. As I stare into them, my imagination takes over, and I wonder, could they be watching me? A leaf falls. I look up. Suddenly, I feel small. Their billowing branches softly sway in the wind, as though they are speaking a foreign language that only a tree would know, and a bird would hear. And as I wandered through their forrest, further into their enchantment and mystery, I wondered, could they secretly be whispering about me? I think they’d laugh at the girl…

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    I saw you in the distance, amongst the rolling hills. You were fluttering with freedom, as my heart stood still. I wanted to catch you; the innocence was true. Because all I ever wanted, was a love, no spark outgrew. So I ran and I ran, caught up in a rendezvous. My bare feet wild danced; as I chased the light you drew. I finally caught you, and placed you in a jar. I watched your white light flicker, knowing, you’d never be too far. But day by day, you started to grow dim. So with all my love, I let you go… hoping, you’d come back to me again.