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    Rediscovering Your Personal Style

    My personal style journey has been a bit of an evolution. I can look back at certain times in my life, and see how it directly influenced my fashion choices. I went through a LOT of phases. Like my boho phase, to my preppy phase, to my Art Director phase, to my desert wanderer phase…Now, I am in my mommy phase. To be completely honest, it is the phase that I love best, because I feel my happiest. When I began to investigate where I wanted my personal style to go, I took several steps to help lead me to the next phase in it’s evolution. This time around, it…

  • Matching Mommy + Me Leopard Swimwear from June Loop Swimwear High-Waisted Leopard Bottoms and Golden Mary Top - Baby Leopard Onepiece Swimsuit
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    June Loop Swimwear

    We are ready for summer, well, at least when it comes to what to wear! (Not so much the triple digit heat.) Kaia and I are twinning in our leopard print swimwear from June Loop. Leopard swimmies seem to be all the rage this season and I have to say, these suits are my absolute fave. June Loop was created by my friend Kristie and her mom June, to accommodate the post-partum body. For the past three years, her and her Mom June, delicately sewed each piece by hand. Now, they manufacture their line in the USA. I have several of these suits, and I have to brag about the…

  • Baby Girl Cactus Boho Themed Nursery - Anthropologie x West Elm x Pottery Barn Baby
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    Kaia’s Boho Cactus Inspired Nursery

    I had so much fun designing and decorating Kaia’s boho cactus themed nursery while she was in my belly! It really kept me occupied during those months we waited for her! I started the process by pinning things I loved onto my Pinterest Nursery Board. You can view it here! Will let me have full range to do whatever I wanted and he helped along the way building shelves and the curtain rod! I guess you could say he was the Chip to my inner Joanna! ūüėā I¬†decided to go with a boho cactus theme nursery that would flow effortlessly with the rest of our house. Besides, we’re in the…

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    Birth. Renewal.

    So much can happen in a year. Last Easter, I had a miscarriage and it devastated me. I laid in bed, with the windows drawn.¬†I was an empty vessel drowning in an ocean of my own tears, with my mattress as an island. Yet, this Easter painted a very different story… It was 6 A.M. and the world outside was just beginning to stir. I awoke to sunlight pouring through the windows. The shadows of the tree’s leaves danced sleepily upon our white bedroom walls. A morning owl sent her greeting. I was the only one not sleeping at our house. The dogs laid at my feet, snoring in their…

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    I set out to find some wildflowers with my little wild flower, close to home. (We’ll stretch our wings a bit farther when she gets older.) As we drifted through the blooming fields, I carried her in my Wildbird baby wrap. I absolutely love this wrap as it can grow with us from her newborn to toddler stage. We have the¬†Stork-Chambray style¬†and I love how minimal it is. The fabric is¬†natural and breathable for those warm summer days. Lately, I have had my eye on¬†this birdy. The peach color is perfect for the season. Baby Wearing Benefits There are so many benefits to wearing our babies. For one, it just…

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    Welcome Kaia – Our Birth Story

    Spend time talking to your girl friends, mom, aunts and well…any woman who is a mother for that matter – when it comes to the birth of our babies, nothing really ever goes as planned! Maybe I was a little naive to believe mine would go any other way but picture perfect. I had a deposit in for a birth videographer, a photographer coming in for fresh 48s. Yet – I had to cancel all the photo ops as I underwent an emergency c-section. The last days leading up to giving birth were pretty agonizing for me. My body was at its absolute maximum capacity and there was no more…

  • Pregnancy

    Our Maternity Session

    All Images By: Brianna Anderson Photography I love working with local Arizona maternity photographer Brianna Anderson. She has such a unique vision and is very direct in her approach during her photo sessions. Bri is all about sensuality and beauty of womanhood and pregnancy. She has this innate way of brining out the most romantic sides of her clients. Working with her energy is always a dream! Shop Similar Styles Here We are currently 27 weeks along and constantly dreaming about our baby girl. I can’t help but to constantly wonder – who will she be and what she will look like! Will and I have similar yet different features…

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    Los Poblanos

    We spent a weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Will’s parents and to go to the balloon festival. We spent a day over at Los Poblanos, which is a historic inn and organic farm. I absolutely fell in love with this charming place. From the architecture and design, to the gardens and lavender fields, to the guinea hens and llamas – this place is beyond dreamy and picturesque. Not only that – but the restaurants and food are exceptional. I didn’t know a place like this existed! I will definitely be planning a return visit to further enjoy this charming place.

  • Kate Nelle wearing Lovestitch Celine Dress at Salton Sea Beach in California


    We stumbled across the Salton Sea after our Salvation Mountain adventure. To our surprise, it was highly polluted and abandoned, except for the overgrown palm trees cascading the skyline. The light was so beautiful, between the setting sun and the rising moon, we couldn’t resist pulling over for a quick detour on our way to Palm Springs. I had packed this “Celine Dress” from¬†Lovestitch Clothing. I love the effortlessly lightweight tencel fabric, as it feels cool even when it’s hot. ¬†It’s not a maternity dress but it seems to fit me and my bump perfectly, so yay for that! I love not having to buy maternity clothes in hopes that…