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    Lately, I find myself spending days where time is never planned. Just jumping in the car, and heading north to cooler weather and open spaces. It’s always a reprieve from the concrete jungle and the heat of the city we’ve been living in. Sometimes, we know exactly where our destination is. And at other times, we just drive. When I’m not roaming, I like to listen to tunes that keep me with the wander vibes. Feel free to enjoy these tunes too, whether it’s on the road or from the comfort of your desk. It’s a little cosmic. A little stardust. A lot of dreaming…enjoy! https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/ktgolightly/playlist/5bgLgwRZwQkVPJ7Qlbfk36

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    Transported off to Arcosanti where I took another trip around the sun. This hippie-dippie commune is always such a far out place to spend your time exploring for an afternoon. There was something between the mixture of this outfit and the architecture that made me feel a little spacey.

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    Tonto Natural Bridge

    Tonto Natural Bridge is a natural arch in Payson, Arizona, that is believed to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world, standing at 183 feet tall. It went through several stages of development. First formed by lava flow. Then covered by sea water. Again covered in lava…undergoing transformation after transformation to finally become what it is today. You can read more about how it was created on Tonto Natural Bridge State Park’s website, here. There are several trails you can hike at very easy-moderate levels, and it is definitely worth a visit. ——– Upon entry into the cave, you notice how alive it is. In one form or another,…

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    Desert Jungalow

    Dress: Auguste the Label via Founder’s Grove | Hat: Anthropologie | Earrings: Founders Grove | Vintage Belt + Boots: Founders Grove There’s a bohemian jungalow in the red rocks, just off Westfork Trail. It was more alive with wonder than I could have possibly imagined. Every step we took, the scenery transformed and told a story of a wild world spun infinitely in time. From the whispers of a golden field with apple trees. To red rock cliffs, canopying high above a quiet creek. There were overgrown ferns that felt wildly exotic and tall oak trees who’s trunks were hidden with ivy, from their roots to the stars. The brick remains…

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    The Grand Tetons

    If we were walking through these fields together, I might say in passing, how beautiful it is here. I might tell you, there’s nothing like this sunshine. Or how much my heart opens in the expanses of these kinds of places. I might tell you, there’s something in the air that allows me to breathe in a little deeper. A found refuge, to these mountains I’ve been climbing. And the wonder of it all is, no matter how high our peaks are, we keep going. Still open. Still trekking forward. With curiosity, wonder. Just softening into the great divide.  

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    Pants + Top: Anthropologie | Hat: Lack of Colour | Grecian Sandals: Vida Moulin Just some quick snaps in my favorite summer outfit at one of my favorite summer spots, L’Auberge de Sedona.  

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    Motel Motel

    Dress + Bag: Vintage from Founder’s Grove | Sunglasses: Anthropologie | Spencer Boater Hat: Lack of Colour Tim McGraw says the highway don’t care. And maybe it don’t. But I’ve got to tell you, some of my favorite moments are on highways. There’s something in the possibility of the destination. You never know what you might stumble upon. Like a billboard in Tuba City, Arizona that takes you to dinosaur tracks. (Yes, that’s a thing! I’ll post about it.) Or this abandoned motel, overgrown with weeds, that perfectly matches the dress you threw into the trunk of your car. Like, maybe I’ll wear this, maybe I won’t?! Whatever, it’s cute.…

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    Hiking into The Wave Pt. II

    I didn’t want to rush the moment. I wanted to feel it–to notice it. To notice myself in it. To simply be, and to let the moment wash over me. Like the ebbing away of a tide that washes over the shore.  Because I knew the moment was never meant to last. That it would be gone before I even knew it. A faded memory that I would have to relive in bits and pieces on unknown days. I didn’t want to forget what it felt like to truly be there. How it breathed life into me, and gave me the gift of feeling so alive. Or how the edges…

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    Hiking Into The Wave Pt. I

    One thing to put on your bucket list is hiking into The Wave. It’s an experience that is quite an adventure. From the lottery alone, to the journey to get there. If you really put yourself in the moment, you will leave The Wave changed and awakened. To see one of the most beautiful places in the world, you must apply for a permit here. Currently, they only allow 20 people on per day to preserve the integrity and beauty of the land. You have about a 14.6% success rate of winning the lottery, as over 10 people are chosen via an online lottery, and 10 via walk-in a day…