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    This Land

      This is my second trip walking through Lower Antelope Canyon, in Page, Arizona. I discovered things I missed the first time. And had memories from the last. It’s amazing how different yet the same something can feel with only a little time. I hope to go back again to discover even more beauty. It is such a sacred place, and leaves your spirit in harmony with something greater than yourself. SaveSave

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    Keep Me Wild

    Blouse: Vida Moulin | Top: Vida Moulin | Jeans: Madewell | Boots: Lucky | Hat: Free People This place is planetary. Wild. Breathtakingly beautiful. One of my favorite spots to get lost in. You see, I crave freedom and beauty. I need it. Like I need air to breathe. I need to feel alive in ways that challenge my perception of life and my place in it. I want to feel small in big places. To feel time in infinite ways, and yet, to not feel it at all. I simply want to exist. And I feel like for my whole life, I’ve been running away from that very notion. I thought, what is existence…

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    Jacket: JCrew | Jeans: JCrew | Boots: Sorrell | Mittens: Anthropologie Park City, Utah. December ’16. What is this thing called snow? I’m a desert girl by nature, but with each falling snowflake, I’m falling in love with the idea of calling the mountains home.

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    Wild Horses

    Dress: Joie (old) | Bandana: Madewell | Jean Jacket: Madewell They say you can lead a horse to water, but did you know…a horse can lead a girl to beauty? It was late afternoon when I found myself in a golden field, bathed by warm sunlight. My heart awoke to what I saw before me. It drifted through the fields as light as a feather, carried like a sweet melody. Every step I took was not directed by my own, but by the trail of wild horses. In a standoff we stood, staring down the other, wondering where each one of us came from. Him-the wild. Me?-Captivity. There was something liberating in his eyes. As if they were calling me to an unknown…

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    Zara Poplin Top, Zara Shoes, Zara Pants, Madewell C!ao Top. Madewell Hat; Madewell Bag