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    Sedona Secret 7 Campaign

    It was so much fun to be a part of Sedona’s Secret Seven campaign! I worked alongside some of the most talented groups of people, from the team over at OH Partners (@ohadvertising), Cole Kiburz (@Coleplay), Ryan Neal Cordwell (@ryannealcordwell), Gueric Nkunzimana (@tadbitwacko) and Jared Kolesar of Jared and the Mill (@thatwheelwright + @jaredandthemill). You can view the campaign and website for Sedona Secret 7 here. It is your guide to finding some of the best unknown spots in Sedona, ranging from need to know hikes, to the best spots for stargazing and picnics. If you know anything about me, you know how much I absolutely LOVE Sedona. So to…

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    Kindness Matters

    Today I woke up smiling. Yesterday was GLOBAL Pay it Forward Day (@pifdayusa) and, truly one of the best days of my life! I wanted to give a shout out to Darleen Santore (@thecoachdar), the US Ambassador for this cause who has worked tirelessly to create a ripple effect of kindness here in the US. Also to Jessica Reinhart of Lumitory (@lumitory) who did so much behind the scenes work to get this momentum going, Vicki Zangl and to every other person who took a stand for kindness yesterday. Next year is going to be even MORE epic!!! After yesterday, I feel moved in ways to act more. And I’ve been…

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    Corral West Adventures

    All Photos by Constance Higley I had the opportunity to explore the Sonoran Desert by four legs at Corral West Adventures. This was such an incredibly special morning. We were led by Cait and Jed, and their very special horses through the mountains, and it was an absolutely beautiful trail ride. All of the horses at their ranch are slaughter rescues. Caitlin is such an angel as she goes in and saves these poor babies during their last minutes of life. She finds them completely uncared for, completely emaciated, and gives them a second chance at her Ranch. It’s such an honorable cause and love that she has for these animals, and I…

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    Time Exploration

    The Perfect Pair of Jeans + Boots: Madewell | Top: Vida Moulin | Bag, Vintage Belt: Founders Grove | Bandana: Anthropologie They say that as you grow older, you begin to experience time differently. It’s a literal sensation. In our childhood, time develops slowly because everything is new and unfamiliar. Our brains are constantly processing everything around us, and that’s a lot of hard work. But as we grow older and our lives become more familiar, more routine, time feels as though it is accelerating. It’s like you barely blinked and the Christmas decorations are up in Hobby Lobby again. Even though the hours in a day, and the days in a week,…

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    What Matters Foundation Fashion Show

    All Images by Kaylee Chelsea Photography The What Matters Foundation charity fashion show was such a beautiful event to be a part of! It was put together by Claire Planeta and hosted at The Ice House. I loved coming out for a cause to support women who are trying to get a fresh start in life, trying to break the cycle of abuse. I think it’s important to shine a light on topics that matter and to draw attention to ways in which our community can get together to help others. It was so fun meeting all the girl bosses here in the valley who participated in the show. I always love…

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    Aint Life Grand

    Madewell Leather Jacket | FreePeople Hat | Scarf Vida Moulin c/o | MinkPink Sweater | Madewell Jeans | LuckyBrand Boots There’s something magically healing about the Grand Canyon. It’s a spiritual place that I can’t quite explain. Go there for a weekend. Stay at the El Tovar Hotel right on the South Rim. It’s an old, historic hotel built in the early 1900s and it has that rustic feel that makes you nostalgic for the past. Luminaries such as Theodore Roosevelt and Albert Einstein used to stay there. Then wake up in the morning, step outside, and stand in awe of the grandness that awaits you. The canyon in the morning light is…

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    Grand Canyon

    These are a few pics from our visit to the Grand Canyon. It was such a beautiful sight to pull up to, and hard to capture. From the colors, to the sky…It all seemed to get washed out from the visibility of the air. And it’s just so GRAND. I mean, how do you take something larger than life and shrink it into 1200 pixels wide? I guess it’s one of those things you just have to see for yourself. I mean, it’s only one of the natural seven wonders of the world. SaveSave SaveSave

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    This Land

      This is my second trip walking through Lower Antelope Canyon, in Page, Arizona. I discovered things I missed the first time. And had memories from the last. It’s amazing how different yet the same something can feel with only a little time. I hope to go back again to discover even more beauty. It is such a sacred place, and leaves your spirit in harmony with something greater than yourself. SaveSave

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    Keep Me Wild

    Blouse: Vida Moulin | Top: Vida Moulin | Jeans: Madewell | Boots: Lucky | Hat: Free People This place is planetary. Wild. Breathtakingly beautiful. One of my favorite spots to get lost in. You see, I crave freedom and beauty. I need it. Like I need air to breathe. I need to feel alive in ways that challenge my perception of life and my place in it. I want to feel small in big places. To feel time in infinite ways, and yet, to not feel it at all. I simply want to exist. And I feel like for my whole life, I’ve been running away from that very notion. I thought, what is existence…

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    Jacket: JCrew | Jeans: JCrew | Boots: Sorrell | Mittens: Anthropologie Park City, Utah. December ’16. What is this thing called snow? I’m a desert girl by nature, but with each falling snowflake, I’m falling in love with the idea of calling the mountains home.